2330 Electrical Revision

This website has been created to share with you revision material for the 2330 electrical course. It will be updated with material geared towards helping improve your understanding of topics that are to be covered and hopefully improving your final grade.

On the left I have provided flash based exams with questions similar to those which you will encounter in your 201,202,203 and 205 computer based exams. These have been supplied to give you an understanding of questions you will encounter to aid your revision and provide a base from which you can track your progress.

201    Has a bank of 120 questions relevant to subjects studied within the Unit.  

202    Has a bank of 183 questions relevant to subjects studied within the Unit.  

203    Currently being collated.

205    Has a bank of 360 questions relevant to subjects studied within the Unit.

You will also find in the revision material section documents and various other bits of information that I have used while revising for my exams and if you fancy doing crosswords relevant to subjects within each unit you will find them in the games section at the top of the page.


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