Why Have you created this website?

I created this website to help students with their 2330 revision after looking over the web myself and finding bits and bobs I decided it would be best to put everything in one place and where having to pay for extras isn't an option.

Exam question content isn't working why?

The exam questions section of this website is created in flash in order for you to view this content you will need to have a flash player installed you can download this this by  clicking on the following link http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Is it possible to have a standalone CD installation of the exam question bank?

Although I have produced a standalone application at this time I have no plans to sell the flash banks on CD or any other media type although this may be possible in the future.

Why is there a passworded area on the site and how can I gain Access?

The passworded area is there for my use, I have included it so that I could access reference material and question banks when I am not at my home PC all the information in there is available on the website within the Exams Questions area and the Revision Material Section compiled to be viewed on the website.

I've noticed some information that is incorrect how do I contact you to inform you.

If you believe information on this site to be Incorrect send me a email, It can be found in the contact section at the top of the page and I will review it and update if necessary.  


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