The 206 Exam does vary between test centres so the files below may not be completely accurate to the 206 Practical you will be taking. 

Please be aware these files are there for guidance only and they are not be to handed in as your own work as they are property of Electricalrevision.

206 Diagrams

Wiring Diagram.pdf Wiring Diagram.pdf
Size : 113.411 Kb
Type : pdf
Circuit diagram.pdf Circuit diagram.pdf
Size : 215.229 Kb
Type : pdf

206 Wiring Diagram 

206 Circuit Diagram 

206 Written Work  

Safe Isolation .pdf Safe Isolation .pdf
Size : 45.575 Kb
Type : pdf
Materials List.pdf Materials List.pdf
Size : 116.172 Kb
Type : pdf
Tools List & Personal Protective Equipment.pdf Tools List & Personal Protective Equipment.pdf
Size : 139.568 Kb
Type : pdf

206 Safe Isolation 

206 Material List  

206 Tools list and PPE 

Visual Inspection 206.doc Visual Inspection 206.doc
Size : 26.5 Kb
Type : doc

206 Visual Inspection Check List 


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