The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The Health and Safety at Work Act provides a legal framework to promote high standards of Health and Safety for everyone within a working environment but also the public who may be at risk due to work activities.

The act places equal responsibly for safety in the workplace on both the employer and the employee.

Responsibilities placed upon the employer.

  • Working conditions and standards of hygiene are at an appropriate level
  • Workers should be trained to use all equipment provided safely
  • Safety equipment must be provided where necessary against dust, fumes etc.. and be properly used.
  • All equipment provided must be properly maintained or replaced in the event of failure.

Responsibilities placed upon the employee.
  • Take reasonable care to avoid injury to either them-self or others due to activities in the workplace
  • Co-operate with their employer to comply with requirements of the act
  • To not interfere with anything provided by the employee to protect their health and safety.

It should be noted that failure to comply with the Health and Safety at Work act is a criminal offence and can result in heavy fines, a prison sentence or both!! 

You have been warned!

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