Electrical Specialisms 

Lighting Installations - Installation of lighting equipment in domestic and commercial properties to appropriate level .

Power Installations - installation of electrical power circuits to drive electronic equipment.

Emergency Lighting - Installations to provide illumination of buildings/ escape routes with luminosity at least to the equivalent to a Full moon in the case of main electrical shutdown or other emergency.

Security Systems/Alarms - Protection against unwanted intruders or unforeseen or adverse situations such as fires.

Building Management - System to provide a controlled environment for people working within commercial buildings ensuring proper health and safety procedures are followed, security is suitable and the maintenance of the building is up kept to a satisfactory level.

Control Systems - Provide a means of control for electrical systems.

Instrumentations - Provides a means to monitor industrial processes and systems from a safe distance

Electrical Maintenance - To maintain the efficiency of all installed electrical systems.

Computer Installations/Data Infrastructure cabling - Install Fibre optic cables, data cabling and computing equipment to provide data processing and communications over the WWW and LAN/cable networks.

HV/LV Jointing - High Voltage/Low Voltage Jointing provides a means of connecting new installations and services to live cables without the need to shut down the electrical supply.

Highway Electrical Systems - These are the signs, lights and warning systems installed to make our roads, pavements and alleyways safer for vehicle users and pedestrians.

Panel Building/Builders - Electrical panels are built to provide electrical protection, isolation and monitoring in commercial and industrial buildings as required on all electrical installations.

Electrical Machine Drive Installations - Includes everything that makes our modern life comfortable, from trains and trams to lifts and air conditioning units.

Consumer/Commercial Electronics - These give us data processing and number crunching electronic mail and access to information on the World Wide Web and access to high quality audio and video systems

Electrical Contractors - Carry out electrical work on domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, horticultural building this involves the installation of wiring systems and electrical equipment.

Factories - Industrial building used for the manufacturing of goods. Electrical equipment will be in use and will need to be maintained and repaired.

Process Plants - Carry out the processing of foods, fuels and chemicals etc.

Local Councils - Responsible for the running and upkeep of community buildings, roads and equipment. Many of which contain electrical systems which require installation, maintenance and repair.

Commercial/Business buildings and complexes - the office type activities carried out in these buildings require that electrical communication and data transmission systems are installed, maintained and repaired.

Leisure Centres - Are buildings provided for the public use of facilities which may include swimming pools, gyms, sports halls, Aerobic studios etc.

 Motor Rewind and repair - electrical motors and their drives usually form an integral part of the industrial system or process electrical motors can be rewound

Railways - Provides for the transport of goods and people many of the buildings and equipment will rely on electrical systems such as signalling equipment or electrical transmission lines which will require maintenance and repair.

Armed Forces - Fighting force that operates within a multitude of different environments with the need to adapt, modify and repair electrical equipment and systems in war and peacetime conditions many of which depend on electro technical systems to support them within their given role E.g. Life support, water sanitation and navigation systems. 

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