Calculation for Generator output Voltage

                                                  (Volts)   e = B l v

B = magnetic flux density (Tesla)

l = length of conductor (metres)

v = velocity (meters per second)

Fleming’s right hand rule:  Shows the direction of induced current when a conductor moves in a magnetic field.

                                                           Example question: A conductor having a length of 3.4m 

                                                           has a velocity of 21.5ms if the magnetic flux density is 2 T

                                                                                 what will be the induced emf?

                                                   Calculation for Motor output Force

  (Newton’s)   F = B i l

B = magnetic flux density (teslas)

I = current in conductor (A)

l = length of conductor (m)

Fleming’s Left hand rule: Shows the direction of thrust on a conductor carrying a current in a magnetic field.

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