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What are IP Ratings? (BS EN 60529)

IP Codes (Idex Protection Rating) are three-digit numbers used to establish the level of protection awarded to a piece of electronic equipment or enclosure used for housing electrical equipment.These numbers were established by the (ICE) international electro-technical commission and care must be taken to follow all guidelines when placing any electrical equipment within areas where there is a presence of water due to the obvious increased risk of electric shock.

The codes are written with IP Followed by 2 numbers XX the first is the degree of protection against solid objects penetrating the enclosure and the second number gives the degree of protection against water penetration.

Bathroom Zoning.

Zone 0 is within the bath/shower area itself the minimum degree of protection for this areas is IPX7

Zone 1 is the areas directly surrounding the bath/shower this zone extends 2.25m above zone 0 IPX4(5 If water jets)

Zone 2 this area extends 600mm away from zone 2 and again extends 2.25m from the floor level IPX4(5 if water jets)

Zone 3 This is the area outside of previously mentioned zones and has no requirements 

Each zone has a minimum degree of protection and a set of requirements that any equipment used in this area must meet. A table of these requirements can be found in Section 8 table 8.1 of the on site guide.

Below Is a list of the IP index ratings and associated requirements to meet that rating.

IPX0 =  No Protection

IPX1 =  Protection against vertically falling drops of water                            

             Protection against solid objects greater that 50mm

IPX2 =  Protection against sprays of water up to 15 degrees from vertical

             Protection against objects greater than 12mm

IPX3 =  Protection against sprays of water up to 60 degrees from vertical 

             Protection against solid objects greater than 2.5mm

IPX4 =  Protection against water splashed from all directions

             Protection against solid objects greater than 1.0mm

IPX5 =  Protection against low pressure jests of water from all directions

             Protection against dust sufficient to cause harm

IPX6 =  Protections from strong jets of water 

             Full protection against dust penetration

IPX7 =  Protection against immersions


IPX8 =  Protections against complete continuous submersion in water.

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